Friday Wine Tasting – June 10, 2016

Asheville Wine Tasting June 10, 2016


4-7 pm @ Downtown Asheville and Black Mountain Locations

This week’s tasting will be light, fun, summery, and delicious. Staring with an absolutely lovely Italian white that boast flavors of wildflowers and crisp apples with a distinct almond tone; Scarpetta’s blend of Friulano and Chardonnay is almost too drinkable! On to Chateau Routas, which is an absolutely classic Provençal rosé with notes of melons, strawberry, and of course that limestone backbone. Finally coming to a very rustic and quite interesting red wine from Slovenia. This Refošk (Refosco) from Vina Koper with it’s floral nose, flavors of ripe berries, and soft tannins make it a wonderful light red wine to serve semi-chilled on a balmy evening.
Get ready for the weekend… Start with Hopey & Co. on Fridays from 4-7pm, French Broad Ave and Black Mountain.

Asheville Wine Tasting June 10, 2016

#WineTasting Friday, May 29 in Black Mountain, NC

catena-barrel-fermented-chardonnay 2This Friday at the Hopey & Co. Black Mountain, we will be tasting Catena Chardonnay from the vineyards of Family Catena Zapata. Twenty years ago, 3rd and 4th generation vignerons Nicolas and his daughter Laura, embarked on a journey of experimental grape planting and vinting… a true labor of love. Planting in respect to various altitudes and microclimates throughout the valleys of Mendoza, Argentina. This wonderfully horticultural approach to creating world-class wines has paid off. Finding that Chardonnay has it’s best expression and acid structure when grown at 4757 feet above sea level at their Adrianna Vineyard. The beautiful and affordable wine we will be sampling is a blend of grapes hand picked from three of their vineyards to achieve the ripe tropical fruit flavors and rich texture of the La Pirámide vineyard (3117 ft elevation); the white stone fruit and citrus notes of the Domingo Vineyard (3675 f elevation); the lively floral notes, strong mineral character and excellent acidity of the Adrianna vineyard (4757 ft).

Join us for tasting Friday, May 29, 2015 at our Black Mountian Location from 3-6 p.m.

Death by honeybee!

honeybee asheville

Not true ! I am very much alive and I am just as much in love with honeybees as I always was.
Several years ago I found myself (beeing) rushed to the emergency room and lovingly cared for by Mission Hospital staff . I was soon able to breathe again! What an awful and fearful feeling. I know the fear of being stung. It can cause a beautiful rational human being to turn into a monster killing machine.

The question in my mind is how can I be allergic to honeybees? My beautiful flowery world just bumped me in the head, literally the bee bumped me in the head .

I had to grow up quick and the sad truth is when I see a honey bee , I’ll either want to kill it or run! To bee fair the honeybee is a very fair hard-working creature. Working in the sun, the rain, the snow, and even the sleet to keep its beehive warm and nourished.

Now I choose to stand very still and let the honeybee do his job.
The truth bee told what stung me may have been a wasp, not a honeybee at all.
The plight of the honey bee is sad. As a child I remember dancing in clouds of DDT my older brother Mathew on his fast blue bike my sister Velvet on her super cool bike my little sister running after them flowers falling to the ground from her hair. We were totally happy the four of us.

We were an amazing team playing together sharing our dreams never realizing that we were part of the demise of the honeybee. Yes, what fun we had until our father came home from work one night and caught us running up and down the street dancing in the clouds of a poison that would surely kill the mosquitoes! Never did we know that our honeybees would suffer so much!

Let’s celebrate the honeybee. Let’s save the honeybee. In doing this we will save ourselves.

In our small Asheville N.C. based business Hopey & Co. we have 100 employees each one working hard every day to bring amazing healthy food to our neighborhood. As a business owner I look at each market just as the bee keeper watches the hives always looking for signs of growth. I know I must protect my business just like the bee keeper protects the bee hives . When one hive grows large I must start another business (hive) .

I am happy to say this is what every business owner must do to ensure growth and health in his or her life. Don’t bee afraid of the sting of failure! Dream big, if your business is doing well it’s time to start another one.
Cheers to you and your grand adventure!

PS…Bee smart, Bee wise,and Bee willing to grow!

Danette Hopey

Valentine’s Wine Tasting In Black Mountain

Dear You!

Skip Hale invites you to attend, our pre-Valentine’s Day wine tasting at Hopey & Co. in Black Mountain on Friday Feb 13th, from 3-6pm.

Rijk's Wine

ImageWineZoe Shevack of Sour Grapes Distributing will be at Hopey and Co. to showcase the beautiful wines of Rijks Private Cellars. These South African selections are a Hopey & Co. retail exclusive that you won’t find anywhere else in town! Rijks wines are sustainably grown, hand harvested at night to preserve quality, masterfully vinted, and aged to perfection. What’s more, we are bringing these exceptional wines to you at an incredible value. So, come by, treat yourself, and find that perfect wine for the right price.


WHEN: Friday, February 13th

WHERE: 3018 US 70 W Suite 1, Black Mountain,NC

TIME: 3:00 – 6:0  p.m.


Hard Cider Tasting Friday February 6 at Hopey and Company in Black Mountain!

hard cider black mountain north carolina tasting hopey and company

You’re Invited to a Specialty Hard Cider tasting with Luke Fenner from Ararat Distributing, at our Black Mountain Location this Friday!

*Aspall Organic cider (English brewed since 1728)

*Luk cider- blanc and rose brewed from heirlom red skinned apples (from Quebec, Cananda)

*Schilling &Company spiced cider (from Seattle, WA).

There will be a charcuterie and tapas sampling with Chef Michael, as well as a pre-Super Bowl sampling station. Come join us for food, drinks, and fun!

WHEN: Friday, February 6th
WHERE: Hopey & Co.
3018 US 70 W suite 1
Black Mountain, NC