#Wine Wednesday July 8, 2015

Lagoon Hill Sauvignon BlancThis Friday July 10th we’ll will be joined by Luke Fenner of Ararat Distributing to sample three delicious and sustainable wines: Lagoon Hill Sauvignon Blanc (organically grown), Tarantas Bobal Rose (organically grown, non-GMO certified), and Viña Echeverria Carmenere Reserva (organically grown). I’d like to particularly point out the first of these… the Lagoon Hill Sauvignon Blanc. This absolutely, mindblowingly incredible wine has become my new obsession and coming to you at the Hopey value of $4 off. It is a complete variant from the Sauvignon Blancs you have had from anywhere else in the world, including others from New Zealand. As opposed to the citrus, gooseberry, and grassy qualities of most other Sauv Blancs, Lagoon Hill instead has tones of mango, passionfruit, and what struck my as a distinct note of loquat fruit (not kumquat).  I have had the pleasure of meeting Magnus Riddiford, direct descendant of the Riddifords that began establishing grape vines and livestock ranching in the 1850’s on New Zealand’s north island. Being born and raised in the Martinborough (not to be confused with the south island’s Marlborough) in the Wairarapa Valley (not to be confused with the south island’s Waipara Valley), Magnus described to me why there is such a difference between the Martinborough Sauv Blancs and the rest of them. This is due to the combination of the rough terrain, perfect rainfall, and very good sunlight exposure. But the kicker is receiving evening winds blowing up from Antarctica which get channeled into the Wairarapa Valley in the south-west section of the north island. So, come experience this wonderful expression of Martinborough terroir with us!