#WineWednesday June 10, 2015

rose wine asheville - hopey and company wineA Rosé by any other name can be too sweet… a little play on words for you!

For decades, the American market produced millions of gallons of White Zinfandel, Pink Moscato, and other sweet, pink wines. Though these wines tend to be easy and sippable, they are ultimately lacking in complexity and structure, and were a divergence from the tradition of making quality Rosés.
While this may very well be their prerogative, the side effect was making generations of American wine drinkers afraid to even try any pink wine presented to them. Fortunately, times are changing. People are branching out to enjoy the great many traditional, dry Rosés from around the world as well as many American vineyards, and vintners have taken to producing high quality Rosés. Consider looking for a bone dry and relatively bold Rosé from the Rhone Valley, Provence, South Africa,Spain, or central California. You may want to enjoy a softer Rosé of Pinot Noir from Germany or the Pacific Northwest.
Whichever direction you choose, Hopey & Co. has just what you need for the occasion.