#Beer Pairing – #BrownAles

Asheville Beer PairingThere is always a lot of focus on pairing wine with food, but we should start talking about pairing beers. Now, with beer, it is easy to just grab your favorite style and enjoy it along side almost any meal. Yet, choosing a well paired beer can elevate your experience from a great meal and a delicious beer to enjoying a little slice of heaven. 

So, I would like to start with the incredibly versatile and under-appreciated Brown Ales. Firstly, their brown sugar sweetness is great for balancing spice and earthy tones. Top your burger or portobello with Tillamook smoked black pepper cheddar or a Buffalo sauce cheddar. While you’ve got your grill out, cook up some sweet potatoes and prepare a topping or glazing butter with a touch of vanilla extract and molasses. Brown Ales¬†pair wonderfully with all things barbecue sauce… from pulled pork to BBQ glazed tempeh. Having barbecue chicken with simple vegetable sides? Try a softer English brown ale… if you’re putting that BBQ chicken on a pizza with a bold sauce, go with a bolder and dryer American Brown.